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Brief History

Grand West Property Maintenance Inc (as we know it today) was started in 1982. We went full-time at the business in April of 1996, taking on twelve lawn maintenance customers in our first season.

On April 1, 2005 we became Grand West Property Maintenance Inc. At the same time, GWPM took on our first full-time employee. Today we have a crew of team members in the field serving your property maintenance needs. We have always prided ourselves with honest, thorough, and a “personal touch approach” to serving our customers.

Our main body of work is lawn cutting, lawn maintenance and lawn mowing.

Today, we also offer a variety of additional services; gutter protection, lawn fertilizing and broadleaf weed management, pest management, garden maintenance, and small tree and shrub removal.

We primarily focus on the Galt area of Cambridge, but do service seniors, other residents and businesses alike all across Cambridge.

Our Vision

We are a professional property maintenance service where all involved benefit; customers, team members, and community alike.

Our Mission Statement

We are a personable, reliable team committed to offering individualized, professional service to meet the property maintenance needs of our community.

We are a property maintenance company who provides a variety of quality services to support home or business owners, who do not have the time and/or ability to maintain their property.

We are unique in our field because we custom build maintenance packages to meet your needs from the variety of services we offer.

Fully Insured

Fully insured to protect you the customer. Did you know that you, the property owners are liable for damage and/or injury and can be sued if the company or individual that has been hired to provide a service does not have the proper insurance coverage. It’s True!

Insured for $2,000,000 liability coverage and everyone on our team is covered by WSIB. Safety is key – we take the time to train everyone to work safe, watch out for each other and bystanders.

Referral Service

If we do not offer the service, we can often refer you to someone competent who will be able to service your needs.

Environmentally Conscious

We care about the environment

We do not leave vehicles/equipment running when they do not have to be. We check things like tire pressure on a regular basis to minimize fuel emissions. We service our vehicles/equipment regularly to ensure as little waste of fuel as possible therefore minimizing greenhouse gases.

We also shop for lower emission equipment when replacing old equipment.

We have found many alternatives to the land fill site when doing rubbish removal for our customers.

We recycle many products at GWPM, from the pop cans, cardboard, boxboard, paper products and/or bottles we may find at properties when doing a spring/fall cleanup or a regular visit to cut your lawn, to all metal products that we find in our travels as well as any metal products we no longer have use for, like lawn mower blades, chain saw cutting chains, blades off our power edgers, old garden tools and the list goes on.

We properly dispose of paints, tires, batteries, oil and other fluids, as well as any hazardous waste materials from our facility or when doing rubbish removal for one of our customers. We do this for the planet and future generations.