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February. You gotta love February. It is one of 2 (what I consider) true blue winter months. If you like the cold or outdoor winter activites then this is the month for you. And what is with this ground hog thing.

February 2nd is the dead middle of the winter season, I get that. But this ground hog guy peeking a look out of the ground & seeing his shadow or not (what the heck). What a myth. There are 6 weeks left on the calendar of winter whether he sees his shadow or not. That’s not gonna change. I guess we need something to look forward to in this cold wintery month.

One appeal February has over the other true blue winter month is that the days are getting longer in February compared to January. Earlier daylight in the mornings & the sun is setting later in the day as well. A sign that spring is on its way.  It won’t be long now that the snow shovels & snow throwers will be going away for the season & the garden rakes & lawn mowers will soon be out again. So enjoy the wintery weather knowing that warmer climates & longer days are ahead.