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Keys to a Healthy Lawn


We don’t all have the same ideas about what a healthy lawn should look like.  Lots of us are just a lot more particular than others.  You’ll have to decide how important appearance is to you and then how much time and money you’re willing to invest.

Let’s start with the basics.

A lawn is heavily affected by three things:  watering, temperature and sunlight.


A lawn needs ongoing watering to be healthy.    Grass needs moisture one inch reach once inch below the surface.


We are lucky in this region because most grass species grow very well with regular watering and sunshine once temperatures go above 18-20 degrees Celsius.


The third basic ingredient for a lawn to grow is 2-3 hours of sunshine every day.  Constant overcast conditions will affect your lawn.  Grass also doesn’t grow well in mostly shaded areas.

Basic Lawn Care

At the very least, you need to water, mow and inspect your lawn regularly.


Waterloo Region allows homeowners to water once a week.  This is enough for most lawns.  Just water deep once a week. You can water more often with a special permit.  This is a good idea for brand new lawns or sod.


Reel Mower Cutting Grass
Maintain your grass at 3 inches and cut before it’s 4 & 1/2 inches

Grass is a plant.  Like any plant, you should not remove more than one third of it at a time.  Your grass should be maintained at 3 inches high and cut when it reaches 4 ½ inches.  Don’t bother bagging or raking your grass clippings.  If you cut regularly you’re not going to make much of a mess.  The moisture and nutrients are also fabulous for your grass.

Preventive Maintenance

You should be making weekly inspections to look for things like weeds, insects and disease.

Additional Care

  • It is important to let air, fertilizer, sunlight and moisture reach ground level.  Raking can certainly help but you should also be aerating your lawn to decompact the soil
  • Weed management applications and good old fashioned pulling control unsightly dandelions.
  • Fertilizing three times a season gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to be lush and healthy.
  • Overseeding makes a huge difference.  Spreading quality seed every spring and fall is key to gorgeous grass.

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