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March – Looking Ahead to Spring & Grass Seed

March came in like a lion so hopefully out like a lamb. We could experience an early spring which means it’s time to think about our lawns & gardens. Once the snow has melted, the ground thaws & your lawn isn’t too soft to walk on, get it cleaned up. Pick up branches, leaves, any garbage, & animal feces. Give your lawn a good raking to “wake it up”. Spring is the best time of year to spread grass seed to promote a thicker & therefore healthier lawn. There are various varieties & blends of grass seed for different lawn conditions. Some of those conditions are (but not limited to) shady lawn areas like under trees, lawn areas that are exposed to sunlight most of the day, high foot traffic lawn areas like a school yard or a park or lawn areas that are frequently visited by pets. Certain conditions require different kinds of turf grass. So one bag of grass seed will not suit all. Invest your time into shopping for the right blend for the right condition. Grass seed can be expensive so if you get it right the first time it is well worth the money. Consult a professional to help you make that call.