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At Grand West Property Maintenance Inc we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service, here is just a selection of all the services we provide.

Gutter Protection

If you are interested in extra protection, check out our new product Gutter Brush. Keep your eaves troughs clean of debris ALL YEAR ROUND and reduce the amount of regular maintenance.

There’s no question that one of the worst areas of home maintenance is having to clean out the rain gutters. I haven’t met anyone yet who says that gutter cleaning is fun. Not only is it physically draining by having to climb up and down the ladder all around the house, but digging out wet leaves and debris that have accumulated over the months just plain… stinks.

Fortunately, there is an easier solution that will put a stop to having to constantly clean gutters, and that is installing gutter brushes. The Gutter Brush reduces the time spent on cleaning out your gutters therefore saves you money on paying to have them cleaned out.

I’ve heard enough, how do I get started? Contact Grand West Property Maintenance Inc today to schedule an appointment.

Fits All Types And Sizes Of Rain Gutters
The gutter brush is also designed to fit every type and size of gutter used on homes today. They have a standard size that fits 5″ channels and can be used in vinyl, aluminum, copper, PVC, galvanized or stainless steel gutters. If you have the larger 6″ gutters, that’s no problem as well, because they make gutter brushes to fit those also.

Fits Any Length Of Gutters
The length of your rain gutters is not an issue as well. Gutter brushes come in multiple lengths to fit all sizes, regardless of whether you have need for just 30 feet or 3,000 feet and more. You simply order enough to fit the total combined length of your gutters.

Protects Against Leaves, Twigs And Other Debris

What will it protect your gutters against? Certainly, it is going to prevent leaves, twigs and maple keys from clogging up your gutter channel, but these brushes keep out much more than that. You can expect them to prevent birds, squirrels. rodents or insects from building nests or living inside the gutters as well. Yes, some birds will actually build nests in gutters.

Rainwater flows down through the gutter brushes and into the downspout, but the debris stays out.

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Junk Removal

We offer a full service rubbish and junk removal service – arrange a time for us to remove various items from your basement, attic, garage, yard or business.

  • Old furniture or appliances
  • Yard waste
  • Junk or other debris

We live by the 3 ‘R’s. If we can recycle it or find some one to reuse it, we will do just that.