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Water Deep Once A Week

Water is becoming more & more precious to us. The climate is becoming more & more adverse. One of the main ingredients for a healthy lawn is regular irrigation. We can’t count on Mother Nature as we used to or traditional weather patterns. With global warming affecting us the way it does throws all kinds of curve balls at us weather wise. Droughts in the spring, sparse snow in the winter, +40C temperatures in the summer months. I have lived in southern Ontario all my life & am noticing the difference in the weather patterns these past years.

The Region of Waterloo has put a ban on the use of water in the summer months to conserve this most precious commodity.   Watering deep once a week in lieu of rainfall will help keep your lawn healthier than with no watering. If you go to the trouble of TLC ing your lawn with overseeding, fertilizing, core aerating, proper mowing practises, etc, this will aid in keeping your lawn healthy & more resistant to insects, weeds, disease & drought. Add regular irrigation to this formula & you have a winning recipe to a beautiful lawn.


The key to watering deep is that little irrigation on a lawn will have your root system turning up to receive that moisture. This in turn affects the health of the grass plant in a negative way. So watering the lawn long enough to ensure the moisture is getting down to at least a depth of 1” (2.5cm) is beneficial. Watering can be expensive, more so than ever so you may not want the expense of watering your lawn. There are alternatives to firing up the sprinkler & we will talk about that in another blog.